Increasing steam production without expanding the facility

LogiVap innovate with Boiler in the box

A stand-alone industrial boiler room entirely pre-fabricated and fired by natural gas, oil or electricity. This new industrial boiler room is as easy to install as a portable boiler room or mobile boiler rental, connecting directly onsite to your facility.


Product advantages


Easy mobile installation connects directly to your facilities to significantly increase steam production.


Fine-tuned and competitive system: optimized steam/combustion/water/air thermal exchange.


Turnkey solution: our partners carries out equipment installation, commissioning and quality control.

Technical description

  • Insulated building, free-standing steel structure. Design and fabrication meet the CSA-S16 Design of Steel Structures Standard; compliant with the National Building Code of Canada (NBC)
  • Dimensions: Maximum 42′ L x 16′ W x 14′-6” H
  • Doors: 10′ x 10′ entry doors, 36″ service door
  • Walls: Interior metal cladding, 6 mm vapour barrier, rock wool insulation, metal stud framing (galvanized), air barrier, exterior metal cladding (galvanized and pre-painted)
  • Roof/ceiling: Interior metal cladding, 6 mm vapour barrier, rock wool insulation, steel deck and waterproofing membrane, metal roofing
  • Floor: Galvanized steel checker plate with anti-slip paint, rock wool insulation, galvanized steel liner underneath the building
  • Electrical: Electrical work in accordance with CSA standards, main disconnect switch in accordance with facility’s voltage, distribution panel (for building electrical services), interior
  • LED lighting, electrical outlets as per requirements, auxiliary heating, connection of the main electrical power to the boiler control panel, cables (e.g. Tek)
  • HVAC: Ventilation system with temperature control, including a fan, louvers, ducts and controls
  • Plumbing and furniture: Sink, soap dispenser, water heater, safety eyewash station with thermostatic mixing valve
  • Fire protection: Supply and installation of sprinklers, carbon steel piping

Equipments and installation

Installation of pre-purchased equipment

  • 1 steam boiler with integrated sensible heat stack economizer
  • 1 burner or electric coil and control panel
  • 1 drain tank
  • 1 condensate tank
  • 1 chimney
  • Piping: Fabrication and installation according to LogiVAP mechanical drawings, QA for ASME (CRN, mill test, history docket), NDT pressure testing: RT 15%
  • Packaging and protection for transport: Temporary supports as needed + full building shrink wrap
  • Quality control: QA and QC with Inspection and Test Plan (ITP), history docket, FAT and SAT for electrical systems, installation and commissioning, installation of chimney

Other services included

  • Hydraulic connections to existing installations
  • Electrical interconnections with existing building
  • Installation of industrial piping
  • Complete engineering, including preliminary work, public funding search, design, details, project oversight, controls and start-up